Maya Savings Daily Interest Calculator

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  • 1 minute read
  • January 4, 2023

Maya Savings, a feature in Maya mobile application is what I would say as their answer to GCash's partnership with CIMB Bank for their digital banking needs. As part of their ongoing promotion, there has been an ongoing promo where they claims that you as their user could gain as much as 6% interest for the money you've deposited on the app. This promotion gives every user a chance to boost their interest to 6% should they follow the guidelines to activate it. But the question that has been boggling users every now and then is how was is this actually computed? Here I present you an easy-to-use calculator to gain knowledge regarding this promotion.

This tool is made to give users a glimpse on the daily interest they may earn during their stay with Maya Savings. However, the interest rates was presented with a range picker should the time comes that the promotion ends and/or something has change overtime.

This is for ESTIMATE PURPOSES ONLY. For more details, please check it on the official Maya Link
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