About Us

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  • December 9, 2021

Zursion is blog conceptualized and created way back 2018. In its journey, a lot has been considered. From its initial looks, its contents, etc.

On its first conceptualization, Zursion is expected to revive its predecessor - Geeky Juan. A tech and personal blog of its founder which was later on halted due to maintenance cost. As the conceptualization continue, Zursion will now try to make other tools that aims to give a better view for other individuals which will later on be added on the site. By doing so, we are also expecting to showcase our talents/skills to the world.

Zursion is expected to be the last venture of its founder before finding hope in tools created that will alleviate or assist users on specific factors.

As we go along with the changes and trends, we hope that our readers will still continue to support us through this sudden change.


Updated: October 22, 2021