PhilHealth Calculator - Monthly Contribution for 2024

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  • July 15, 2023

As part of the government mandated deductions, PhilHealth has been a part of every working Filipino's payslip. It serves as aid to ensure that every citizen has access to affordable healthcare services here in the country. PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is a social health insurance program that ensures financial risk protection for its members in times of sickness, injury, disability, or death.

As salary progresses, checking for the computation of one's supposed PhilHealth contribution is sometimes another  trip to Human Resource. Due to this, I present to you a simple yet effective PhilHealth Contribution Calculator above which you can access anywhere as long as you are online. It calculates for your contribution based on PhilHealth's guideline.

PhilHealth Contribution Guideline

Given the provided guideline above, a selection should be made first if a person is an employed or self-employed individual as the computation varies depending on which is selected.

Formula for employed individuals:

Monthly salary ❌ Contribution Percentage (2023 contribution is 4.5%) Divided by 2

Formula for self-employed individuals:

Monthly salary ❌ Contribution Percentage

For a more detailed information regarding this guideline, please visit the article regarding PhilHealth's Contribution Guidline.

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