Free Online Conversion Rate Calculator

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  • February 1, 2024

As a web developer, it is of importance to monitor if the site you've created is serving its purpose. If you have the same mindset, then is enhancing your website something you're thinking about? Your search ends here! To find out how many people are clicking on your call-to-action buttons, use our Conversion Rate Calculator.


What is the Conversion Rate Calculator?

The Conversion Rate Calculator, in the simplest terms, allows you to find out what percentage of site visitors do an action that you want them to do, such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or going to a webinar. Imagine it as a web analyzer that you can use in-house!


How to Use the Conversion Rate Calculator:

1. Enter the needed numbers

    • The sum of all website visits must be entered.
    • Please provide the sum of all users who have carried out the specified action.

2. Calculate and let the tool give you the numbers

    • Put the numbers into the Conversion Rate Calculator and it will do the rest. It will figure out what proportion of site visitors did what you asked.


How useful is the Conversion Rate Calculator?

It is critical to understand the conversion rate of your website. It sheds light on the efficiency with which your website is meeting its objectives. The Conversion Rate Calculator can identify strong points and places for growth. You can use it to see how well your present plan is working and change it up if needed.

Attempt to improve your website and boost your chances of achievement by utilizing the Conversion Rate Calculator. If you want your website to succeed, use it free of charge as it's like having a toolbox at your fingertips!

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