Password Strength Checker

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  • December 7, 2022


Diving into the world of technology, passwords are an essential aspect of many online experiences. Yes, there might've been other options to log in to your favorite websites but most of the time a password or a master password is necessary at that.

One way to ensure that your password is secure is by using a password strength checker. This is a tool that allows you to assess the strength of your password by providing a user-friendly rating based on a specific criteria.

This tool aims to have you practice or check the strength of your password by having five (5) specific areas to check. As follows are the length, numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters and the use of special characters.

By having all indicators turned  green, you have now a somewhat stronger password than most of people spending time on the internet.

NOTE: We do not store anything you encode on the input field above. This tool is purely done using VueJS and data submission regarding your mock password will ever occur.

This tool is inspired from Duan Blake's How to write a Password strength indicator in VueJs

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