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  • January 30, 2024

Anyone or any organization can promote Lazada's extensive product catalog and earn commissions through the Lazada Affiliate Program. By directing visitors and customers to your affiliate links, you can increase your earnings as an affiliate. Today, we're releasing our Lazada Affiliate Commission Calculator to further streamline and clarify this procedure for Lazada Affiliates here in the Philippines.

What is the Lazada Affiliate Program

By advertising Lazada's products and directing traffic to their website, individuals or organizations can earn commissions through the Lazada Affiliate Program. Earn a commission on every purchases generated by your affiliate link when you sign up for an affiliate program.

Benefits of becoming a Lazada Affiliate

By becoming a Lazada Affiliate you can enjoy the many benefits that come with it. In addition to the opportunity to make money by simply promoting things you love, you will also have access to several marketing materials and tools. Plus, with Lazada's extensive product catalog, it's simple to discover something that will appeal to your target market.

The Lazada Affiliate Commission Calculator

For Lazada affiliates, the Lazada Affiliate Commission Calculator is an ideal tool to visualize your possible earnings based on their 2024 Tool Kit. 

How to Use the Lazada Affiliate Commission Calculator

To use the Lazada Affiliate Commission Calculator, it's as easy as one, two and three.

  1. Encode the amount of the product you want to create a link from.
  2. Click on the Calculate button.
  3. Review the probable commission you can earn.

Based on Lazada's 2024 Tool Kit, an affiliate can earn a commission for the following:

  1. New Customers - for each new customer that will buy from the affiliate link an affiliate have created, earning is placed at 12% of the product price.
  2. Returning Customers - for each order of a returning customer or customers who are already registered, an affiliate can earn 8.7% of the product price.
  3. Bonus Commission - on top of the commissions you can get from a New Customer and a Returning Customer, an affiliate can also earn up to 40% of bonus commission if the product is included in the partnered offers. To check the affiliate brands and products for Bonus Commission, please visit the list Lazada has prepared.

Please do keep in mind that each order is capped at Php. 500.00 commission.

What Links can be converted as Affiliate Link?

According to the discussion we've attended, an affiliate can convert links only for the following areas.

  1. Product Page - the actual product link that can be found in Lazada.
  2. Store/Shop Page - the page of the store/seller in Lazada.
  3. Campaign Page - the landing page in which Lazada shows the current campaigns they have.

NOTE: The results of this tool are based only on the details that was gathered and is NOT FINAL. Please use this only as reference and check for yourselves the actual value an affiliate can earn when successfully converting a visit to an order.

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