Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Calculator

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  • February 4, 2024

What is CPA?

CPA stands for cost per acquisition or cost per action. It's basically the amount of money you spend to get a new customer. This includes all the marketing and advertising costs that lead to a sale or a customer signing up for something.

How to Use the CPA Calculator?

The CPA calculator is a super easy tool to figure out how much it costs you to get a new customer. All you have to do is enter the total amount of money you spent on your ad campaign and the number of new customers you got from it.

Why Should You Use the CPA Calculator?

Knowing your CPA can help you understand how much money you're making from each customer and find ways to make even more profit. This calculator is great because it works for different campaigns, offers, and businesses given the standard input requirements.

How Do You Calculate CPA?

The CPA calculator does all the math for you! It takes your total ad cost and divides it by the number of new customers you got. This gives you the average cost of getting a new customer or getting someone to sign up for something.

Examples of CPA

Businesses use CPA in different ways. For example, an online store might calculate how much they spend on Facebook ads to get someone to buy a product. A subscription box company might keep track of how much they spend on Google Ads to get someone to sign up for a trial box.

What's a Good CPA Rate?

There's no one "good" CPA rate because it varies depending on the industry and the advertising platform. What's more important is to keep an eye on your CPA rate over time and see if your marketing campaigns are bringing in enough value. A low CPA rate is great, but it's even better if your customers keep buying from you over time.

What's the Difference Between CPA and CPM?

CPA is more precise than CPM, which stands for cost per mille or cost per thousand. CPM tells you how much it costs for every 1,000 views an ad gets. CPA, on the other hand, tells you the cost of getting a new customer or getting someone to take an action.

Benefits of Using a CPA Calculator

A CPA calculator makes it easy to keep track of your CPA and see how your marketing efforts are doing. When you know your CPA, you can make smarter decisions about your advertising and find ways to make more money.

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