Salt and Cipher Seed Generator

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  • December 11, 2022

Security is of most importance when deploying an application online. One way of achieving this feat is by giving off a unique key that will be used when generating hashes for your application. This tool in particular is useful when undecided what characters will be used for changing the default given salt and cipher seed on a CakePHP 2.x framework as it is highly recommended to have it changed.

According to CakePHP 2.x's documentation Salt is used for generating security hashes and to emphasize,

"The replacement value should be long, hard to guess and be as random as you can make it"

On the other hand the cipher seed will be used to encrypt/decrypt strings. This is useful to add when there's something you wanted to encrypt and/or decrypt in your application. Now for cipher seed's note,

"The replacement value should be a large random integer"

With these in mind, this tool will be providing you with a 32-character length Salt and Cipher seed value. This tool is not limited to CakePHP use alone. You can use the Salt Generator to generate random characters with 32-character length. On the other hand, the Cipher Seed generator could give off a random 32-character length numeric values.

If you want something to suggest or add, please don't hesitate to drop your comments down on the comment section. 'Til next time!

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