10 Thesis/Capstone Topics for Information Technology | 2014

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  • December 9, 2021

School’s back! Fortunately, Information Technology still tops as the most enrolled course as far as I have heard. So for those who are taking up Information Technology and nearly facing graduation, how’s Thesis/Capstone Projects going? Do you already have a proposal that will make your Professor’s head nod in amusement?

Since as a team, we’re currently battling our way in our Capstone 2… Let me share to you the most acknowledged topics that has high probability of being accepted in your proposal defense.

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP) – These are applications which need human interactions. For example are the outstanding Google Translate and the ever famous Siri of Apple Inc. Either through typing or voice recognition, NLP is a great topic since it has a lot of perfection and modifications to go through before anyone could say it got all that’s needed.
  2. Intelligent Systems - These are system that helps business or those in authority to come up with a decision. A broad topic indeed but also has a higher level of difficulty which could help you gain the approval of your Professors. Under intelligent systems are Decision Support Systems (DSS) which helps managers or the like to come up with a decision pertaining to a certain scenario, and Expert Systems which act as experts in a said field. An example of this is a Physician Expert System. In this expert system it will also function as your typical physician asking you how you feel at the moment or perhaps symptoms. Most of the time, these questions are answerable by a checkbox so that you could select multiple answers.

    Another example of an expert system is the Project NOAH of DOST which gives analysis depending on the circumstances it has analyzed.

  3. Mobile Application and Mobile Learning – as the growth of Android Phones are outstanding; this is a great way to start your proposal. By hitting the market where it is at its peak. Mobile Applications not only focuses on what the people needs but in most cases, it focuses on what the people wants. While in mobile learning, it focuses on enhancing the delivery of the subject or topic being discussed during the absence of an instructor/professor.
  4. Computer Vision/Recognition – you get the idea here. This is a great topic to focus on since there are only a few of this spread throughout the market. Say for example, create a software wherein when you submit a picture of a dog, it will tell you the breed of the dog given in the picture. An existing example of this is where the application will identify the most renowned places like Eiffel Tower or Perhaps Big Ben. In that application, it will tell you what that structure is and where it could be found. Another existing application of this is a software where it will analyze the breed of frogs.
  5. Games / Game Technology – everyone has tried this most definitely. From simple to complicated games, this is always a part of the choice of the majority (of the people I know). But keep in mind that you should innovate. Combining different features from different games is NOT innovation.
  6. Computer / Data / Network Security – the moment you hit the internet, you are already a walking target. This is an acceptable topic since “everything is hackable” in the computer age. So why not try to create an application that will encrypt a file to a higher encryption but will also be able to decrypt it fast enough that the essence or importance of the file could still be preserved.
  7. Business Analytics – this mainly focuses on forecasting and simulations when it comes to business. This could be related to the next item since this topic requires a lot of data to gather so that it could simulate and produce a product that has high percentage of coming true.
  8. Data Mining – this is a topic that would require a HUGE database. Data mining will not be effective when the sources will only come from a small set of data. Before indulging to Data Mining, make sure you could get a hold of data that could be gathered for at least 7 – 10 years from the past.
  9. Commercialization Projects – commercialization projects are something that could be quite difficult to achieve especially when the terms and conditions are not met. These are projects that include the involvement of a real company together with a Memorandum of Agreement on which you or your team would gain access to actual data. This is mostly the “win-win” situation that are mostly addressed by the students since the company will have the software or application they want while when it’s done, the students/proponents could get their ticket to graduation.
  10. Human Computer Interface (HCI) – another broad topic that needs a lot of consideration. This topic is rarely chosen since the difficulty could not be easily measured together with the incompatibility with the time-frame. This topic also requires all of your attention since it is not commonly discussed and tackled during lessons.

Choosing a topic could always be easy. Though the most high chances of you getting it done is by choosing a topic where you have your interest. There are no easy topics to defend or easy projects to build. Just topics and projects waiting the opportunity to be accomplished.

This content is originally published on Geeky Juan dated June 12, 2014

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